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Cichlid Fish Secrets Review – A cichlid (pronounced sick-lid )is a fish in the Family Cichlidae. It is an enormous family of freshwater fish of almost unbelievable variety. Conservative estimates from the variety of species of cichlids vary from 1300 to several, much more. Lots of people have seen a cichlid without realizing it: oscars as well as freshwater angelfish, both typical aquarium fishes, tend to be cichlids.

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The popularity of cichlids amongst aquarists likely comes from 3 things: many are simple to keep, there are so many types and they do fascinating things. With couple of exceptions cichlids can be kept and breed within aquarium. Hundreds of species are presently available in the pastime and many can be kept with a minimum of equipment within aquarium ranging from 10 gal or so on. A few require specialized treatment and are not for the newbie, but many others are simple to keep and breed. All cichlids provide some type of parental care, meaning that one or both parents usually the actual eggs and/or young after laying. Cichlids are committed parents and seeing a pair of cichlids doing their own thing is hard to conquer.

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Cichlid Fish Secret is a ebook developed by Mike Logan to helps cichlids lovers might want to know regarding keeping healthy, completely happy cichlids, and breeding them also. Just think about having the the majority of colorful, healthy cichlids inside your tank. Your friends and relatives is going to be amazed. People will believe you are a cichlid professional, when they see images of your fish as well as tank.

Cichlid fish secrets book

What You’ll Discover Inside Cichlid Fish Secrets Ebook?

  • How big aquarium you need to have when keeping cichlids.
  • Exactly what filter you need to use inside your fish tank.
  • How to correctly cycle your aquarium tank.
  • How you can correctly manage PH levels of aquarium water.
  • The water temperature you have to keep.
  • The best strategies to ready your rubble & wood for your container.
  • The right way to carry out a water change.
  • The very best rocks and wooden you’ll need to be using.
  • How you can clean the glass of your aquarium.
  • How you can test aquaria water in a professional manner.
  • The only method to have live plants in an African Cichlid tank
  • How to pick the best cichlids for your tank.
  • What things to feed your cichlids & how frequently to feed all of them.
  • The expert methods to breed your cichlids, diagnose, treat, as well as cure the most harmful fish diseases.
  • And even more.

How Much To Get Started?

You can get this amazing cichlids fish secrets guidebook for a one time payment of $27.77 only including all free bonuses such as:

  • Bonus#1: How To Determine The Gender Of Your Cichlids
  • Bonus#2: How To Reduce Cichlid Aggression
  • Bonus#3: How To Keep Cichlids Healthy & Diagnose, Treat, & Cure Illness
  • Bonus#4: The Natural Environments of African and South American Cichlids

Is There Any Guarantee?

Offcourse, this Cichlid Fish Secrets” Ebook is covered with 100% money back policy. In case you are not satisfied with the outcome , simply email writer within 56 days of your purchase and he will refund your money without asking any questions.

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Is There Any Support?

Indeed, for any question regarding this guidebook you can contact the writer Mike Logan at help[at]

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