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Easy Video Suite Review – It  is the first Total all-in-one online video marketing tool. You might have noticed or seen the standard Easy Video Player or even Easy Video Player 2.0. EVP was released this year and almost instantly had become the industry brand name with regard to video marketing software, it has been 2 years since Easy Video Participant 2.0 launched and now Josh Bartlett originates out with something genuinely revolutionary, a complete video advertising game changer.

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 Easy Video Suite enables you to reach out to your target audience better and quicker then anything else I understand.

What You Will Get Inside The Easy Video Suite an Overview

  • Inside the Easy Video Suite dashboard, you are able to directly upload movies from the internet (YouTube, Vimeo, and so on) by copying as well as pasting the video Hyperlink to the “upload from the web” component inside Easy Video Suite.
  •  From there all that you should do is click on import and Easy Video Suite may automatically add that video to your files folder within your Easy Video Suite command center. Subsequent, find the video that was simply imported and click “settings”.
  •  This will take you to the profiles web page which is a great feature that will help you stay organized as well as save you time wonderful your videos. It is perfectly fine to simply use the default user profile which is what I suggest.
  •  This is when it get’s truly fun and really thrilling. Easy Video Suite really let’s a person be creative with your movies. The first thing you want to do whenever editing your video configurations is changing the dimensions. Easy Video Suite includes a preserve aspect percentage feature that will instantly adjust your video dimension to perfect congruent dimensions.
  •  The following features in the video configurations tab are auto-buffer as well as auto-play. The auto-buffer will help your own load time together with your videos for your audiences and the auto-play feature may automatically play the video whenever your viewer enters your own page.
  •  Moving forward towards the Player tab you will find the mouse over show buttons to enable consumer control in your video. You might also need all of the popular social networking integration like Myspace, Twitter and Google Plus. Among the really cool new features may be the player entrance. Along with Easy Video Suite you can set up a few pretty cool video entry animations to really get your audiences interest. Of course there’s the watermark your own video, lights out capability and even password safeguarding your videos to produce exclusive videos.
  •  The following module in your video configurations is the Frame tabs. Easy Video Suite comes with a ton of awesome frames to create stunning presentations with high finish design graphics. A number of the popular templates range from the IMAC and Apple iphone template.

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  •  When your completed with choosing a frame Easy Video Suite actually allows you to add a club below your video to incorporate widgets. You can add from social media buttons in order to HTML embeds, remarks and more. This is something definitely want to make the most of.
  •  That’s it! When your carried out choosing your preferences all that you should do is click on finalize and Easy Video Suite may automatically save your new video.
  •  You can also add gateways as well as events which enables you to definitely add chapters, lead capture pages, opt-in forms and all of so good stuff. For the first time actually you can actually force individuals to click on your control keys to increase user exercise. This will help you increase your opt-in prices and conversions. A fast note is that you can setup these gateways and occasions during any time from the video which makes it awesome.
  •  Within the Easy Video Suite command center (internet based dashboard), you’ll be able to handle, publish and monitor your videos that you’ve published as well as converted through Easy Video Suite.
  •  It arrives with a walk through web page, welcome page along with a full introduction how and where to get began. The most astonishing function is the tracking. The actual tracking module is actually incredible. Being able to keep track of exactly what your audiences are doing and at that point of the video tend to be sales being created, Easy Video Suite makes video marketing an ideal tool to enhance, increase and increase your profits.

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Within the Easy Video Suite user interface, the main modules contain:

Quick statistics (usefulness, drop-off time, completion proportion, start time, conclusion plays, total product sales generated).

 Weekly statistics (shows you the performs, completed plays and purchasers generated from plays for every specific video).

 Viewer Engagement (shows you the amount of plays, number of audiences, etc).

 Your most widely used video (shows drop off stage, and average period duration of most popular video becoming played).

Easy Video Suite also posseses an “effectiveness thermometer” which calculates the actual videos performance utilizing a color reference program. Red meaning fragile, green meaning powerful. Hence it is worthy of trying.

Easy Video Player Review

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