How to Invest in Penny Stocks the Right Way

Penny stocks are some of the most profitable securities out there, but you must also understand that many risks are associated with this investment vehicle. A lot of people tend to think that penny stocks are too risky for them to put their money in, but you just need to get the both right advice and tools to make things happen – an intelligent investor will do his due diligence and profit from its mistakes, and the same is true for penny stocks.

how to invest in penny stocks for beginners

Penny stocks trade at low market capitalization and prices, and they are traded outside major stock exchanges for the most part – these sorts of stocks are inexpensive, and this factor is one of the best things about them. Both firms facing bankruptcy or start-ups issue penny stocks in order to raise some capital, and you will take advantage of this situation. You also must understand that selling a penny stock once owned is problematic, and you need to make sure there is enough cash in your pocket in order to avoid problems.

Because of penny stocks´ lack of liquidity, small capitalization, huge bid-ask spreads, limited disclosure, and small capitalization, they are considered both highly risky and highly speculative – penny stocks are often traded through pink sheets and OTCBB. The problem here is getting a exact definition of a penny stock. Many traders say that a penny stock is a sort of stock that trades under $5 or for pennies, while others say that any stock that trades outside of a major stock exchange is a penny stock. We are going to talk a little bit about what you can do to invest in penny stocks the right way along with some tips on day trading.

Invest in Yourself

When we say that you must invest in yourself, we mean in your education. Read as much as you can about the penny stock world because you will avoid many mistakes that way. If you want to lose a lot of money in penny stocks, you just have to stop learning a lot about them. You need to stay way from any stocks that offshore brokers tell you to invest in, and the same is true for the stocks that are inside unsolicited emails – newbies in the day trading world are the targets of many con artists who want to take advantage of their ignorance in the field. There are many websites out there that offer you tips and advice for a fee, and they do it in real time.

Get the Right Broker

Getting the right broker must be your second most important priority. A brokerage with an specialization in penny stocks will help you a lot, but they must also let you know about the right broker for you. Online subscriptions services will be a suitable alternative to a broke, and they will let you know when penny stocks are available.

Investing in the Right Firms

You need to know everything you can about the companies you are going to invest in. Make sure they have a strong leadership and products that are successful in the market – or products that have the potential to be successful. You must also understand that your broker will receive a commission based on every transaction, so you need to bear this fact in mind. The reason for this is that penny stocks do not trade on a stock exchange but in the over-the-counter market.

best penny stock brokerage

There are some penny stocks that are still listed on a stock exchange called Nasdaq, and further investigation will make you realize whether they are worth the effort or not. Companies with huge financial troubles tend to be de-listed from Nasdaq, and you need to take a close look at them in order to avoid investing in them. The Internet is your best friend and you must use it in order to get as much information as you can about a particular company out there. Research and find out the truth about the owners of the firm you want to invest in, and stay away from companies with a red flag. Business newspapers will help you a lot too, and you need to use them on a daily basis.

Pay Attention to Markets and Rumors

Some firms do not have a huge market for the products they sell, and you need to find out this fact as soon as possible. A product without a huge market will have many problems, and your stocks will suffer a lot from this fact. Pay close attention to any rumor that is circulating about a stock. Check out press releases, chat rooms, and message boards in order to find out the truth behind those rumors, as news and rumor are weapons of destruction for penny stocks or any sort of stock out there. Make sure you take advantage of the breaking news about a particular stock in case you are trading a “momentum” stock – stock with great returns during the previous year.

Search EDGAR and Purchase Software

The EDGAR database will help you a lot to find the right stocks to invest in. Check out the stocks that Warren Buffer or Peter Lynch invest in, and you will have the upper hand. A software will be tool you will use to buy and sell stocks, and you will have to pay a fee for this service – you will also be able to view both historical charts and in trade charts, which you can tailor to your particular needs.

The best software’s you can use, just visit the site:

The Penny Stock Egghead

The Trade Miner

The Penny Stock Prophet


Penny stocks trading is not a stroll in the park, but you just need to get the right advice and tools in order to make things happen. Remember that the right broker will be your best friend in this field, and you must make sure he has a strong track record of success. Make sure that you did a comprehensive due diligence of any penny stock you plan to invest in, and read everything you can about rumors that people are spreading over the Internet. You must also pay close attention to the EDGAR database and the owners of the firm.

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