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As we know the Panda, the most recent Penguin update leaves much damage in the wake. And also, since there is just a couple months this update was launched, individuals are all eyes and ears about this hot topic. Definitely, these algorithm updates from Google have adverse effect or you can say tsunami for every internet marketers or  webmasters, which leave those on the verge of great ups and downs. Google Penguin wasn’t any exception.

Google Penguin and Google Panda basically focus on exactly the same concept. The concept would be to mention quality content on SERPs (Search results Pages) instead of content which has good SEO. So Penguin can be viewed as because the update over Panda.

Seo Fight Back

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But when we actually go deep,  we are able to find some difference between panda and penguin. As the Panda concentrates on the uniqueness of the web content and eliminates poor or copied content, Penguin is focusing on removing web spam, and removing sites which uses black hat SEO techniques, like cloaking, keyword stuffing, hidden texts, etc. or we can say cheap techniques to gain page ranks.

SEO Fight Back, How To Recover From Penguin

As we know Google Penguin was officially launched on 24th April 2012. Therefore if your traffic has dropped next date, then you’re hit by Penguin. Otherwise, maybe it’s a Panda refresh. In either case, the following advice can help you with the mess as well as get ready for the next updates. I am also hit by these latest updates and recovered within 2 weeks.

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Use Google Webmaster Tool:

If you have not started than you must start to regain.  Google Webmaster Tool is excellent. It provides you with a variety of guidance associated with your site. This  tool will help you to do proper SEO for the website, sitemap errors. Additionally you get messages from Google informing you about any mistake you have don. They’ll let you know when you are spamming, and you will get to understand if there’s some negative SEO related to your site.

 Improve The Quality:

This is Google’s main reason for focus. It is all about quality now, and also the user experience with your site. So, it is better to look at your site and check  website navigation, Buttons are clearly visible or not, layouts etc. Don’t jumble articles with ads means excessive ads to content ratio, keep track of your bounce rate.

Remove Keyword Stuffing: 

Review your content again, so if you’re carrying this out, whether consciously or sub-consciously, stop immediately! A higher keyword density, or a lot of keywords in a paragraph or post, is a invitation  to search engines saying “Common Check Met! I’ve probably the most content available”. So when Google sees that you obviously spammed it, it won’t be happy. Keyword stuffing is a black hat SEO tactic, and you should Improve your older posts by removing those.

 Remove Cheap Backlinks:

There’s a few things worth mentioning here. Firstly, never buy backlinks. They are cheap and automated links that more damage than good. Avoid SEO and links optimization. Avoid using any automated SEO or links software. It’s never good.

Secondly, guest posting is nice, but irrelevant posting is really a hazard. If you’re accepting guest posts irrelevant for your niche, as well as covering irrelevant stuff, then that isn’t good. So if you’re guest posting on other blogs not associated with your niche, then you definitely may have a bigger problem. See, Google ranks backlinks based on their relevancy too. So if you’re getting irrelevant backlinks, they aren’t a lot better than those cheap backlinks money can purchase.

Try To Use Social Media Also:

Start using social media like facebook, twitter google+. Add sharing buttons in your posts, and encourage readers to share your posts. If you socialize, then Google provides you with more credit for the website.

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