Video Game Tester Jobs Review

Video Game Tester Jobs – Work to Fun, Make Gaming Better & Earn Much  

Now you can earn by playing video games. Definitely it sounds quite interesting but yes… it is true and this review on Video Game Tester Jobs will learn you about how you can do it.

About Video Game Testing Jobs 

This digital program is based upon thorough market research on the video game developer companies which are willing to know the gamers interest in choosing a particular game and go for buying it. These companies want to get aware with the gamers thought process that makes them game for hours. This need has forced these game developing companies to look for such candidates who are not only die hard gamers but also can help in knowing these companies about the psychological causes that drives a strong desire among gamers to go for any specific game and stick to its gaming for hours.

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In this, the program helps its members to get prepared to fit in these new opportunities and enjoy their fun filled jobs of game testers.

How to Start

There are 3 simple steps, you have to go through, as

1. Select Membership

The membership plan is available on regular price of $27 but if you want to get the membership on trial basis you are most invited and enjoy the 7 days membership for paying just $1. And after, you are allowed to have access to

  • Gaming jobs database
  • Hundreds of work at home video game tester jobs
  • Thousands of video game tester jobs by site or location
  • Hundreds of international video game tester jobs
  • Thousands of entry level gaming jobs
  • Hundreds of documentary and translation gaming jobs
  • Unreleased video games for testing
  • Freebies and trials form gaming & corporate partners
  • Downloadable video games and content by gaming partners
  • Video game event passes, merchandise and giveaways
  • Gaming magazine subscriptions

2. Enter the Information

Here you are required to enter the needed information about you like name, age address, location etc. and you can simple fill these up like you have done in past by filing many forms.

3. Get Paid to Play Games 

Now you are entitled to enjoy your job of playing video games online, do the analysis of the game while playing and answer asked questions to improve any drawback you experienced while playing that particular game as this helps the gaming companies to know the gamer’ taste of mind to like to play video game in any specific ways that these companies don’t take time to implement along with other given feedbacks by the game testers about good or bad graphics, background sound, game levels, tools, weapons and others.

Income Earned by Video Game Tester Jobs

Once you have joined and started with Video Game Testers Jobs, you can make money in the ratio of

  • $5 to $75 – To take online surveys
  • $150 per hour – To participate in focus groups
  • $4 to $25 – To preview new movies and games
  • $30 per hour – To review new games

Preferably, you can join Video Game Tester Jobs by applying on its partner site of

Guarantee & Support    

There is 60 days money bank guarantee provided against the purchase of the membership for Video Game Tester Jobs.

Along with, buyers are also provided with contact details for further communication in case they have any queries.


Now you have a choice of doing a fun work over your boring office job. You can imagine how good it will feel earning a big sum of money while playing your favorite video games. And what you have to do at the end just answer some simple questions about game quality, feature and other functionalities… that’s it.

So, how much of you are ready to join it now?

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Have fun!     

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