What Are The Qualities Do Women Will Find Attractive In Men?

Women when asked will say they want a nice guy who treats them like a princess and pretty much has no balls of his own. They like the idea of getting flowers and having a sensitive guy to talk to about their problems. All women will tell you they want to date the nice guy or that they can never seem to find a nice guy to date.

The problem is, this isn’t exactly correct. These women arn’t lying when they say they want these things…. on the surface they do, because it makes sense, it makes sense to want a guy like this, but on a subconscious level, they really want a man who takes control and acts like a man should. So, what qualities do women want in men? What they’ve always wanted and always will want. Women want their men to be men and not wussy boys who ask for approval to scratch their noses. I know this sounds harsh, but it’s true.

Have you ever noticed the following? When you give a girl a compliment or tell a girl how beautiful she is she shy’s away from you? BUT When you notice a flaw about her she will get more involved in the conversation and take you more seriously. Have you ever noticed….

When you buy girls gifts and take them to expensive dinners they end up later that night thanking you for a great evening and going out with another guy? BUT If you just go for a quick drink and act like

you are equals she feels attracted to you because you’re not catering to her every whim.Have you noticed when….

You call a girl often after a date and she seems distant and funny BUT

When you don’t call her and you act like you’re busy and could live with her or without her, she won’t stop calling you.




This is from my experience what women want from a man…..

They Want You To Be Confident

They Don’t Want You To Get Emotional

They Want You To Lead

They Want You To Be Fun With No Hang Ups

They Want You To Make Them Laugh

They Want You To Make Them Wonder

They Want You To Be Interesting

They Want You To Know What You Want From Life

Want to learn how to do those things

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